Friday, November 11, 2011

State Fair

Jacks prize for winning a water cannon game. I helped.
Jared almost won.


watching the fair parade (it was really lame)

Jack was so hard to get a good picture of because he instantly looks away when he sees you taking his picture.

Such a happy baby

Jack loves carousels (um... I don't think that is spelled right)

flying high

can I get a real one mom?

so tired

flying solo

I'm a cowboy


This picture was right after the giant slide. Jack was so excited to go and then he got to the top and realized how big the slide was and was not happy.

THen he decided it was ok.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

more utah golfing

I just found these. So I guess Wade went golfing with Jared, John and Scott. I'm not quite sure what he is doing here.
Watch out for pro Jack. FOUR
Here let me get that for you. Jack had a great time golfing with the boys. He still talks about it and it has been over a month.

Father's Day!

I believe my son has a problem...he is a chocoholic like his grandmother Nan (and maybe his mother too). Jack doesn't think something is a treat unless there is chocolate in it. I could give him pie, ice cream, etc but unless there is chocolate he says "that's not a treat mom". I gave him a chocolate fudgecicle and he loved every minute of it.
He sometimes dances when he eats if her really likes it.
Oh man, it's all gone!!!!
So hopefully no one is offended that see's this but I thought it was hilarious. Sometimes when we are at the park Jack won't make it home if he has to potty... so I let him find a tree away from everyone else and do his thing. he thinks he should just potty outside whenever he wants. We share the yard with our landlords and i don't think they would have appreciated seeing this. Oops...I have some work cut out for me breaking this habit.
Fathers Day
Jared got a present from his kids this year. It was the xbox kinect that he had been talking about for months. I think he really likes it, but I didn't know what game to get him so I gave him the biggest loser workout because he had also said how cool he thought it sounded. But, when I gave it to him he thought I was trying to hint about something. So here he is before the game (according to him).
And here he is after. Ha ha what a funny guy
Jared your a great dad and we love you. Thanks for all you do for us!

Utah part 2

Jared, his brother in law John and his dad headed to Sherwood Forest to do some golfing and they took Jack too (but I couldn't find the pics of jack).
John holding up the golf cart
We had a cookout at my moms house with the Poulsen's so here I am with my sister Meg and my mother.
Me and my Man
the twins, Tina and Nicole hiding out in the playhouse. I am sure Hadley is in there somewhere!
My brother in law John. I thought this pic was funny because he looks so serious and if you know John he is quite the opposite.
Grandpa with Sean. He hadn't met Sean until we went to Utah this June.
Can I get a Woot Woot?!
Ella, Bridger and Ben. Welcome to the GUN SHOW
The kids playin in Nan's yard
Grandma and Grandpa with Sean

utah part 1

We went to Utah in June to visit family and bless little sean (who is not so little) and we had a great time. Going back made me really miss my family and all the great things we can do there like four wheeling in the mountains. Don't get me wrong I am loving Boston but going back made my heart ache for Utah. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right!? One of the days we headed up Providence canyon with my brother Park and his family and we had a great time. We borrowed my dads four wheeler and a couple helmets (but Jack refused to wear the motorcyle helmet so we ended up making him wear the bike helmet...I know terrible but we went pretty slow. I totally want a four wheeler now. My brother park had a racer or something like that and that thing was awesome, it could go anywhere..just another thing to add to my wish list. ahhhh someday right?! The picture above is of the kids climbing the gravel hill after we were done. Alex was hilarious because she was pretty much skiing down it.
Park and Easton cruisin around.
There were two great waterfalls at the top created from all of the snow run off. This is Jack and Jared.
Beautiful isn't it!
The best waterfall at the top. It was a little chilly in the shade but it was really pretty

Easton, Shelby, Alex, Becky, Bridger, Jackson, Me
Park and his cute family
Cruisin around at my moms house. We tried to take Jack around the house before we went because he was a little nervous at first and we were trying to help him get more comfortable on the four wheeler. He liked helping daddy drive.
We had lunch at Meg's house, here are Brooke and Ella. Don't I have cute neices
(very photogenic)
All the kids had a great time on the tramp, Wesley liked tackling everyone and Jack was a bit nervous. You can tell he is a city boy!
Jared had fun bouncing everyone, he is always great with the kids